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Music is a fantastic thing. It brings people together, encourages creativity and allows us to express ourselves. I’ve always loved listening to music as I was brought up in a house surrounded by it. My tastes have changed considerably since I was younger and last Saturday (06.05.17) I was lucky enough to see Bruno Mars live on his 24K Magic World Tour. I can’t put into words how incredibly talented he is, along with his other Hooligans!


As usual, I was accompanied by my partner in crime, Kieron. Even ten months in to our relationship we’re still lucky enough to organise date nights and experience new things together. I’m aware we still have many more years to go and we’re still in a honeymoon stage really, but it’s a very promising start! Kieron and I expressed how we felt about each other through music at the start of our relationship and would often send a YouTube link to each other with a song to listen to. For me, it was a lot easier than trying to explain how I felt. Music is very special to us and we were thrilled to find out we had very similar tastes. We also had the opportunity to share new artists with each other and broaden our musical horizons. It was wonderful to finally experience live music together and who better to see for our first gig than Mr Mars?

Our date started off with a drive to Sheffield Arena on a mission to find a good car parking spot. Whilst on our way, I had a significant problem (not!) that had been bugging me for days. I’ve always bought a programme from every tour/show/concert I have been to and I have quite a collection now. However, Bruno Mars was also my first standing gig and I knew there would be nowhere to keep my programme safe – major problem! I devised a theory about how to get Kieron into the arena to purchase my programme, pass it to me through the main doors, for me to run it back to the car and then join him in the arena. Perfect plan and no damaged goods, right? I was very pleased with myself… After all that, programmes were being sold outside so we bought one and had a walk back to the car together with my programme fully in tact. A job well done!

Next job? Food! Of course my dad advised me to book a table for somewhere to eat but me being me, I never got round to it and I knew we would want the flexibility of deciding where to eat on the night. About six restaurants later we managed to find somewhere with a waiting time of less than one and a half hours. Pizza Express was our saviour. We enjoyed a light meal with pudding and a bottle of Soave to share. It was the perfect start to a fantastic evening!

Food = happy Kieron.

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With full tummies it was time to party with Bruno. We hadn’t planned to see the support act as we didn’t want to stand for a long time, although we did hear a few of Anderson .Paak‘s songs and we really enjoyed his music. He did a great job of getting the crowd warmed up ready for Bruno Mars and his music really complimented Bruno’s style. I’ll definitely be exploring his music this week!

Support artist before Bruno Mars.

As soon as I got into the arena an overwhelming feeling of excitement came over me and I couldn’t help but smile. It felt brilliant to anticipate such a fantastic artist coming on stage, and it felt even better to see that Kieron felt the same way.

Waiting for Bruno to come on stage!

Most of the other details from the night aren’t with me a week later (terrible memory I know!), however I do remember how alive I felt for the evening. The music, stage, lighting, technology and of course singing were all just incredible! I absolutely loved Bruno’s entrance to the show. A simple curtain hid his very uncomplicated stage set and we all eagerly listened to a voiceover of him sing “you’ve waited so long”, “it’s about to get hot and sweaty” and “come on and let me hear you scream”. He then sung “are you ready?” and of course everyone went crazy as the man himself then came from behind the curtain.

Almost showtime…

I like a good surprise at a show and I was fully expecting Bruno to start with 24K Magic. I should have known Bruno wouldn’t do the expected and he started with Finesse from his new album, 24K Magic, before telling us that was just a warm up and the party would now begin with 24K Magic. Top marks for keeping us on our toes!


Bruno definitely went for quality rather than quantity at his show and performed 16 of his top singles and songs from his new album. Most songs had an extra instrumental section and some changed vocals which was refreshing to hear. It’s always great to feel like you’re listening to a live artist rather than the CD and the variations of his music were fantastic! I was pleased to see such talent from Bruno and his band: Each individual could sing, dance and play an instrument. During Grenade Bruno played guitar which was a surprise to me as I hadn’t realised he played instruments too – another lovely surprise from the night! I had always known that Bruno was a talented man, however I hadn’t realised just how much variety and talent he has.

Bruno and The Hooligans

As amazing as it was to see Bruno and the Hooligans in action for the whole evening, performing and dancing their hearts out, it was also lovely to see Bruno with the stage to himself smashing out his incredible ballads such as Just the Way You Are and Versace on the Floor. It’s always exciting to see fire and fireworks on stage, but there’s also something moving about one man entertaining thousands of people with nothing but his voice.

Versace On the Floor

My highlight of the evening was definitely having a dance with Kieron to Just the Way You Are. I forgot where I was and didn’t care that I was surrounded by thousands of other people. All that mattered was having a good time with the person in front of me. We had our little dance and patiently waited for Bruno’s encore, in which he definitely delivered. He sung two of our favourite tunes Locked Out Of Heaven and Uptown Funk. It ended the night perfectly!


Would I see Bruno Mars again?

YES! I’m already on my own countdown to his next album and tour even though I know I have a long time to wait! Kieron has even said he would like to go again too, so I’m sure we have another brilliant date night coming up in the future.

Did you see Bruno Mars on his 24K Magic World Tour, or perhaps you’ve seen one of his other shows? What did you think? I’d love to hear all about your thoughts and favourite parts!

Until next time,
Liz x

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