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Looking back upon last weekend’s photos from the Crowle Show has made me realise two things. Firstly, my photography is improving slightly as I’m now practising more frequently. Two, the weather was so much better last weekend! It’s currently grey and miserable – take me back to the days when sun cream and a hat were required!

Taking place each year in mid July, Crowle Show provides entertainment for all ages with livestock, shows, stalls and food. Personally, that’s a winning combination for a great day out as I can enjoy a hotdog and an ice cream too! There are many shows to enter including poultry, cattle, sheep, crafts, photography, baking, vegetables, handicraft, beers and gins. As we arrived, the entries were being finalised and displayed ready for the judging to take place that morning.

This year the Crowle Show took place on Sunday 16th July. I awoke to glorious sunshine and a bright blue sky – the perfect weather to enjoy an outdoor agricultural show. Whilst Kieron and I got ready, the clouds rolled in and we were unsure how the weather would develop. In the end the weather was kind to us, although I did end up with a burnt knee and face. Note to self: take sun cream even if it’s cloudy! We found the show ground easily and parked without any issues. Everywhere we turned there were smiling faces and laughter which always puts me in a good mood. A promising start to a wonderful day!

Whilst the organisers and suppliers finished setting up, Kieron and I decided to take a look at the poultry tent. It always surprises me to see so many different breeds of chicken, geese and ducks despite having now been to a couple of agricultural shows. Poultry isn’t a particular interest of mine, however it’s still great to learn about them and see all of the different kinds. My favourite was this little white duck who was very pretty / handsome and it looked to have a smile on it’s face which was very cute!

As Kieron and I are budding photographers, we were keen to have a look at the photography entires. There were lots of categories for people to enter which is always a positive as it gives people a chance to highlight their skills in their chosen field. We guessed which ones would win in their category and we got the vast majority of them correct! Another highlight of the show tent was the “create an animal from fruit or vegetables” contest. There were certainly some creative entries with my favourite being a little apple owl.

As we ventured out to the main show area, David Seamark’s Sheepdog Demonstration was just about to start – perfect timing! We grabbed a couple of seats in the sunshine at the side of the main ring and listened to David and his wife teach us about border collies, hearding sheep and geese, and how he has committed his life to training dogs. David has individual calls for his dogs (all 7 of them!) and teaches them basic commands including “left” and “right.” This ensures they move to the correct space to round the sheep into the required area. All of the dogs must be taught to lie down too as it’s important for them to lie low to prevent spooking the sheep. David explained that having such a large group of dogs working at the same time has led to different words and languages being used to make sure the dogs don’t get confused. Some dogs respond to “fish” and “chips” rather than “left” and “right” whilst other dogs are taught in Spanish! It was fascinating to watch the demonstration and see David in action as he instructed his collies to round up sheep and geese.

Falconry Life were next to deliver a fantastic performance to the hundreds of guests surrounding the main ring. I have to say that I found this display the highlight of my day purely due to the comedy and entertainment. It was clear to see that this husband & wife duo thoroughly loved every second of their show and their beautiful birds. As they explained, if a bird wishes to fly it will do, and there’s nothing you can do to guarantee it will return!

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The whole performance was incredibly entertaining and brought much laughter to our day out at the Crowle Show. This is definitely one to watch if you plan to attend 2018’s show.

The Stunt Riders delivered an exciting display of stunts and tricks with motorbikes, jeeps and quad bikes. The lead rider Dan commentated whilst the performances took place and all three guys were keen to get the audience involved which was great for the children attending. There were rounds of applause after each stunt due to the timed precision behind each stunt. How someone can drive a jeep on two wheels I’ll never know!

Also appealing to my love of animals was the Parade of Hounds demonstration. It’s always pleasurable to see the working relationship between horse and hound along with the beautiful animals themselves. A couple of the horses were misbehaving slightly due to a lively audience, however riders kept everything under control and there wasn’t a stray dog to be seen – always a bonus!

After spending a couple of hours watching these fantastic shows, Kieron and I decided it was time for a bite to eat. A hotdog is always a good choice and it certainly didn’t disappoint! We had a final wander around the stalls and paid a visit to the Falcon Life birds, cattle show and a gentleman carving fantastic sculptures with a chainsaw. The sun had shone the whole time for us and my car was painfully hot to sit in when we found it. The doors had to be left open for a few minutes before I could drive us home!


Top Tips for Crowle Show:

1. Crowle Show provides a short and sweet day out. Whilst it won’t provide a full day of entertainment, it will definitely entertain you for a few hours and provide a tasty lunch.

2. Directions on the way to the show are clear so you won’t get lost on the way and the price of your parking is all included with your ticket – £5.00 each for adults.

3. Wear suitable footwear. You’ll be walking around on grass all day so make sure you have something waterproof if it’s raining!


Would I go again?

Yes! Kieron and I enjoyed a lovely couple of hours in the sunshine being entertained with lots of amusing shows. It would be great to see some different shows next year to see a variety of demonstrations and performances, but we’ll have to wait and see!

Have you been to the Crowle Show before? Perhaps you’ve got an agricultural show to recommend? I’d love to hear all about it!

Liz x

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