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Now that Autumn is officially here, it’s strange to think that just a couple of weeks ago I was wearing a summer dress, a hat and sun cream while soaking up the final heatwave of 2017 at the Epworth Show. Wendy, Kieron and I spent the day eating amazing food, watching cute puppies and sunbathing. It was brilliant! I have lived in Epworth all of my life but had never attended the show, however with Kieron attending every year rain or shine, it was only a matter of time!

The Epworth Show takes place every year on the final bank holiday Monday in August. Situated in North Lincolnshire, Epworth is found in between two towns: Doncaster and Scunthorpe. Primarily an agricultural show, guests are treated to an array of live demonstrations and performances in the main ring including machinery displays, dog herding demos and pig racing. A variety of stalls and charities sell crafts, homemade food, wooden furniture and lots of other exciting things. The beer tent, children’s fairground and wide selection of food vendors are all popular points of interest at the show keeping everybody happy and entertained. The Epworth show celebrates the Isle of Axholme as attendees learn about Lincolnshire’s farming history and associated machinery and lifestyle. It’s a winning combination for a great family day out!

After just a 20 minute walk to the showground, I was extremely delighted to be welcomed by the Bernese Mountain dogs on arrival who were carrying out a cart pulling demonstration. I’m a big animal lover and particularly love these dogs as they are such gentle giants and simply beautiful. One of my highlights from the show was meeting Humphrey and Otto. A gentleman from The Pennine Bernese Carters informed me all about his dogs, both past and present, and what a joy it is to own a Bernese Mountain dog in particular. After a little persuasion Kieron came to say hello too and soon made friends.

Various machinery demonstrations followed the Bernese Mountain dog display and we had a wander around the old tractors and vintage cars. I particularly loved a tiny tractor with a pretend Border Collie in the trailer! As usual, I was quite keen to have a look around the stalls and there were some quirky items to purchase including homemade fudge, walking sticks, knitwear and recycled furniture. The variety of goods to purchase were excellent in the craft tent, however it would have been great to see a higher number of exhibitors for even more shopping as it’s great to meet local people and support small businesses.

With the sun beating down we soon decided a an ice-cold drink was in order and visited the beer tent. We relaxed on the grass just outside the tent and I was quick to spot an adorable “Andrex puppy” with his big brother. A lady was singing ABBA just behind us in the beer tent and the sunshine was gorgeous – I could spend every bank holiday watching cute puppies and listening to live music with a drink in hand!

Once we were refreshed and revitalised we explored the rest of the showground. This included the outdoor trade stalls, show jumping, goat tent, shire horses and a delicious stall with the best pork scratchings, steak pies and sausage rolls (yes we sampled all of them)! Kieron and I had entered some photos in the photography classes and were keen to see if we had won. With the judging all complete in the craft tent we made our way over to discover that Kieron had come second in two out of five categories – proud girlfriend moment alert! Wendy also came first in the Victoria sponge cake class and was very happy.

With two happy winners, it was time to sample some food. It was a hard choice with so many vendors to choose from including burgers, pizza and crepes, however we eventually settled on wood burner pizza and chips. The pizzas were so tasty and as we settled on two pizzas to share it meant we got to try two different flavours – pepperoni and ham & mushroom. We spent half an hour making the most of the sunshine and I was particularly happy to enjoy the sun without burning. My Nivea Factor 30 and hat worked a treat!

The rest of our afternoon was spent sitting by the main ring to enjoy the hounds, pig racing and bike stunts. All of the displays we saw at the show were both amusing and engaging. With a diverse range of things to see, there was something to suit all ages and interests. After such a wonderful day, I realised there was just one thing missing: pudding! I soon found myself enjoying a pot of melted chocolatey goodness. To put this simply, I chose a combination of cakes and biscuits (Oreos, Jaffa Cakes, Cadbury chocolate fingers and marshmallows) which were then topped with melted chocolate and ice cream. As a huge chocolate lover this topped my day off perfectly!


Top Tips for Epworth Show:

1. Class Entries: When looking to enter the classes at the Epworth Show, I would recommend submitting your entries the evening before the show as judging begins quite early on show day. For us, it also meant we got some of the prime spots to put our photos up and could enjoy a lie-in before attending the show.

2.  Admission was a little pricey at £7.00 per adult, however this included a guide to the show with information about trade stalls, main ring show times and a map of the showground. Discount tickets are also available on the Epworth Show website including family tickets.

3. The Epworth Showground is well signposted with “Epworth Show” signs put up a few days in advance on main roads. Free parking is also available however I would recommend walking to enjoy the real ales in the beer tent!

4. A comfortable pair of shoes is required to walk around the showground and they will need to be waterproof on a rainy day. You’ll also need to be prepared to walk on grass, mud and straw – I wouldn’t recommend flip-flops!


Would I go again?

Being an annual event in my local village I will definitely be attending the Epworth Show each year. It’s a lovely day out to spend with friends and family whilst enjoying entertainment and picking up a few bits and pieces from the stalls.

If you’ve visited the Epworth Show or any other agricultural shows this summer it would be great to hear all about them. I’ll be looking for some new shows to attend next year so any recommendations will be appreciated.

Until next time,
Liz x

To read more about events at the Epworth Showground, check out my review on Epworth Bonfire Night 2017 here.

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  • The Daisy Pages posted on September 12, 2017 at 9:39 am

    That sounds like a lovely day out 🙂 I’ve not heard of pig racing before, so that’s a new one on me. Sounds like a lot of fun x

    • Hey Up Sunshine posted on September 12, 2017 at 3:15 pm

      I hadn’t heard of it until then either! It was very amusing and a great day all round 😊

  • Everydaylifegirl posted on September 19, 2017 at 1:30 pm

    Ah, I haven’t lived! I haven’t experienced something like this. Looks like a blast! 🙂 The sweet dogs definitely must have stolen the show!

    • Hey Up Sunshine posted on September 24, 2017 at 8:19 pm

      It’s always the dogs that steal the show! 🐶

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