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Nora Roberts has written over 200 romantic novels since the 1980s and is certainly a pro. The Bride Quartet series are some of my favourite books and I’ve read a fair few! My mum bought book number 1 for me as a little treat and as soon as I read it I had to buy the rest of the series.

The Bride Quartet is a 4-book series with the following titles:

1. Vision in White
2. Bed of Roses
3. Savour the Moment
4. Happy Ever After

The lives of four leading ladies are followed and their pursuit for “the one” as they manage their own wedding planning company – Vows. Photographer Mackensie Elliot (Mac), florist Emmaline Grant (Emma), chef Laurel McBane and wedding planner Parker Brown have formed a very successful wedding planning business together, however have not quite fallen lucky in love themselves – until now of course. Each book concentrates on one of the girls’ lives as they battle bridezillas,  family issues and challenging love lives.

Vision in White follows photographer Mac. Mac had a troubled childhood and doesn’t have the best relationship with her demanding mother. Working with her childhood friends and living on the Brown Estate provides Mac with the lifestyle she has always wanted; her friends are there for her 24/7 whenever she needs them, however she has the privacy of her own place to work and relax too. Mac is fun, firey and care-free, so when she meets dependable teacher Carter, her life takes an unexpected turn as the love of her life turns out to be someone very different to the man she imagined it would be. There’s just one problem – Carter’s ex girlfriend. Mac must learn to let go of her past demons in order to commit to the present and most importantly her future.

Whilst Mac doesn’t believe in love and all that it stands for, florist Emma believes in nothing other than love at first sight and fairytales, and we see this in Bed of Roses. Working with flowers and weddings is Emma’s ultimate dream come true and loves nothing more than lending a helping hand to her brides. Combine this with working with her three best friends = the best job ever. Emma is happy, bubbly and content with life, leading to all sorts of men falling at her feet, but she’s still not found Mr Right. As new men come and go, it’s just possible that her dream man has been standing beside her all this time… Jack, best friend of Parker’s brother, is practically family to the girls and is there for them through thick and thin. So what’s the problem here? Jack doesn’t believe in commitment and lasting love. Emma and Jack must find common ground and trust in themselves and their history in order to defeat the odds and make their relationship work.

Our chef Laurel wants nothing more than to be an award-winning baker. In Savour the Moment we learn that her wedding cakes mean more to her than a man ever could and Laurel spends all of her time perfecting her baking. The girls are more than happy with the free samples and Laurel’s flat is often the place to be. Laurel finds herself in a delicate position – after overcoming her tough upbringing she is very wary of letting anybody get in the way of her work, however Parker’s brother Del regularly finds himself present at cake tastings and is hard to ignore. Del is reliable, confident and protective of Laurel… The two of them must see past their childhood memories and allow the budding romance between them to blossom.

Leading lady and wedding planner Parker is in charge of the Brown Estate and makes sure everything is running to schedule to ensure her brides have their Happy Ever After. By book number 4 of the series, we already know Mac, Emma and Laurel, and getting to know Parker is no disappointment. Parker is responsible for rounding up the photographer, florist and baker plus the other many tasks that a wedding planner must organise on a daily basis. With the other three girls now happily settled down, Parker turns to Vows more than ever to make herself busy. Parker is devoted to Vows and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. When Del’s friend Malcolm comes along Parker is swept off her feet and finds herself falling in love. She must work out how to have her cake and eat it too as she continues to run Vows, support her lifelong friends in their lives and experience love like every woman should.

The Bride Quartet series is beautifully written in such a relaxing and comforting style it’s impossible to put the books down. Nora Roberts invites you to get to know each of the girls very personally and individually whilst also creating a solid group of girls as a collective to drive them through life together. Along with the four main characters, we are introduced to other delightful people along the series that add so much charm and happiness to the series. These books proved to be such an escape to me whilst I read them. I’m very selective as to when I read as I have to have a quiet house and no distractions. When it came to reading The Bride Quartet it didn’t matter what was happening around me. I was so involved in the plot I wasn’t paying attention to anything but the story.

There are now many event and wedding planning novels available to purchase. Each week when I visit Tesco there are new books to choose from, and I would say that 50% of the time these are often themes along these sorts. Working in the industry myself I love reading these books, especially the wedding ones! There are a couple that I have read that I have found difficult to really connect with as they are unrealistic. The Bride Quartet is written in such a realistic way that it’s possible to forget that they are fiction. Nora Roberts provides many hints, tips and useful pieces of information throughout the series.

Overall, The Bride Quartet is such a perfect read for anyone who loves weddings, events, friendship, love and romance. If you love all of these things you’re in for a real treat! Fantastic writing, fantastic characters, fantastic plot – you can’t beat them.

Rating: *****

As always it would be great to hear your thoughts on The Bride Quartet if you’ve read the series, or any other Nora Roberts books for that matter!

Happy reading,
Liz x

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