The Loveliness Series The Loveliness of Rainy Days August 12, 2017

We’re all guilty of moaning when it rains… Popping to the local shop becomes unimaginable and dog walking is a nightmare. It’s always tempting to stay in feeling sorry for ourselves, however there are plenty of things to do when it rains. There’s always that odd little job that gets put to the bottom of the pile each weekend or your favourite film waiting to be watched. Here are my top tips for beating the blues and making the most of a rainy day.

  1. My all time favourite thing to do on a rainy evening is enjoy a long bath, put on my favourite pair of pyjamas and curl up under a blanket to watch a film or read my book. It’s never too long before Gabby cat comes to join me and we enjoy a lovely cuddle. There’s something good about knowing you’re snuggly and warm while it’s miserable outside. I also love lighting a candle or two for an extra cosy feel.
  2. Write a blog post! If you’re a blogger like me, spend your time indoors catching up on your latest content ideas, drafts and weekly stats. It’s always a good idea to get ahead and ensure your blog is all up to date.
  3. Pick up the phone to those relatives and friends you’ve been meaning to catch up with. The chances are they’re at home feeling blue too! Enjoy a cheery FaceTime call to your best friend and share all of your good news – you’ll soon be so busy catching up that you’ll forget about the bad weather.
  4. Get cooking! Fill your house with delicious smells of your favourite foods and create a warm cosy kitchen. On a rainy day I love to make cottage pie with cheesy crusted leeks on top. That way, I have a delicious meal to eat at dinner time and I don’t have to cook the following day as I always make far too much!
  5. Spend some time with your family. Whether it’s training the dog, playing a board game or enjoying a film together, sometimes it’s the simple things that bring a smile to your face. Enjoy time in your family home together and wait out the storm.
  6. Get productive and create a clean and tidy home. Hoover the cobwebs that have been there for far too long, scrub the oven and finish your ironing. When the sunshine is back you can go out for the day knowing you’ll return to a beautiful home.
  7. Similarly, catch up on those admin jobs you were supposed to do last month. I have a small list building up and rainy days are the perfect opportunity to get organised.
  8. Go out for the day – inside! Visiting an aquarium, museum or indoor shopping centre can be just what you need to enjoy a fun day out despite the weather.
  9. Enjoy some down time. We all need time with nothing to do in order to recuperate after a busy day at work. I often forget to do this and make far too many plans on my evenings after work, so sometimes it’s okay to sit back with my feet up and enjoy having nothing to do.
  10. Finally, get out in the rain anyway! Whilst on holiday in the Lake District, Kieron and I enjoyed a rowing boat ride on Derwent Water on the wettest day of our holiday. It’s become my highlight of our week even though we were soaking to the skin and had to sit on carrier bags whilst driving back to our holiday cottage. Sometimes it’s far more enjoyable to get your best waterproof gear on and get out in the rain.


What are your top tips for beating the rainy blues? Do you prefer to stay inside where it’s warm or make the most of the rainy weather? I’d love to hear all about your rainy days and what you get up to.

Until next time,
Liz x

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