The Loveliness Series The Loveliness of Reading September 19, 2017

Reading has been one of my favourite hobbies since I was little. I grew up surrounded by books and visited the library regularly on a Saturday morning with my parents. I vividly remember being very sneaky when I was young before I went to sleep. I would sit on the edge of my bed, place one curtain over my head and put my book next to the window to use the tiny bit of daylight that was left to read. Turning the light on was far too risky as my parents might have seen! Throughout my teens, I fell out of love with reading and became more interested in MSN, shopping and friends. I began to pick up books on a regular basis again during my time at university – although mostly to study from rather than for pleasure!

At times I found university quite stressful and needed to find a positive outlet to make sure I enjoyed some time to myself on an evening. Reading novels allowed me to dive into someone else’s story rather than worry about my deadlines and finance. Personally I love visiting a book shop and the smell of a new book, so I always read a hard copy rather than using an iPad or a Kindle. I see all the pros to using them but I can’t bring myself to throw away the hundreds of novels on my shelves. I used to hate reading journal articles on the computer screen at university and would often end up printing them off. Clearly I just love holding a piece of paper when I’m reading! With my love of all things digital including my blog, I definitely have the best of both worlds.

I love reading as it takes me to another world and I forget about life’s worries. If a friend informs me they are stressed or worried, I always recommend they try reading as it’s relaxing, intuitive and downright brilliant. Reading helps to boost our brain power by improving memory functions, keeps Alzheimer’s at bay and leads to a good night’s sleep. As it’s important to relax before we sleep, reading is the perfect hobby to ensure you have some time to yourself before bed. Many people claim they would love to read but don’t have the time. It only takes 20 minutes to read a chapter and we can all free up 20 minutes each day if we try hard enough. Reading one chapter a day will soon mean you’ve finished a book, and that means you can start the next one! Choosing the next book to read from my collection is something I always look forward to. It’s the small things in life!

Just some of my many books…

One of the best things about reading is the ability to pick up the story where I left off and take it anywhere with me. Reading is great for when I’m on holiday, having a break at work or winding down on an evening. Each time I visit Kieron’s I have a paperback in my bag just in case I have a few minutes to myself. If Kieron hops in the shower, has a little job to do or goes to the shop, it means I can read a few more pages and make some progress on the latest novel I’m reading.

Do you read? Do you have any recommendations? You can see what I’ve read on my Goodreads profile here.

Happy reading,
Liz x

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  • The Daisy Pages posted on November 5, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Lovely article 🙂 I’ve started reading a lot more recently and I’m really enjoying it. It’s so much nicer to pick up a book than a smartphone x

    • Hey Up Sunshine posted on November 5, 2017 at 4:18 pm

      It’s lovely to hear that someone else reads a book too! Pleased to hear you like this post. 😁


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